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80 min. / Doc-Fiction



80 min. / Doc-Fiction


“Mojsłońik” tells the story of two artists who perform an elephant costume together, bringing it to life. Luzi (Marlene Ruther) is affected by an insidious disease. Nevertheless, she strives to express herself artistically in the form of performance dance. She finds herself in a constant fight with her own body which keeps her from living her dream. On some days the pain gets unbearable and Luzi begins to believe that there is a demon living inside of her, embodying her disease. Her very close and loving friendship to Magda (Ariane Bothe) seems to give her energy and room for imagination. Driven by love and care for Luzi, Magda builds the elephant. When Luzi meets Mika (Burak Yiğit) the girls’ friendship is put to the test and Luzi is forced to decide what's right for her. (80 min., Doc-Fiction - Luxembourg/ Germany)


Burak Yiğit (Mika)
Marlene Ruther (Luzi)
Ariane Bothe (Magda)
Friederike Frerichs (Grete)


Regie - Silke Meya
Bildgestaltung - Laura Mentgen //
Produktion - Noumia Film
Soundtrack - Martin Kohlstedt //
Sound Design - Gerald Mandl
Motion Design - Takete & Maluma //


silke und laura_BA.png

Djado Ivan

20 min. / Documentary

Djado Ivan

20 min. / Documentary

// 49. Internationale Hofer Filmtage 2015 - Deutschland Premiere

// Festival de Cannes 2015 - Short Film Corner

// IFFF 2016 - nominiert Nationaler Wettbewerb für Bildgestalterinnen 2016

// Werkstatt der Jungen Filmszene 2016 - Wiesbaden (13. – 16. Mai 2016)

// Kinoki International Film Festival - Mexico (04.– 08. April 2016)

// Brazilian Int'l Labour Film Festival - São Paulo, Brazil (Mai 2016)

// East End Film Festival 2016- London (23. Juni - 3. Juli)

// Inigo Film Festival (Official Selection, Krakow, Poland) - 3rd Prize Inigo Award

// BIFED | Bozcaada International Festival of Ecological Documentary - Turkey (Oktober 2016) - nominated for GAIA Student Award

// North Carolina Film Awards (Official Selection, Raleigh, USA) - September 2016

// Portobello Film Festival - London (September 2016)

// BauernHofKino Kleinlositz - Hof, Germany (September 2016)

// Northern Wave International Film Festival (Official Selection) - Rif, Iceland

// Pigrecozen Filmfest (Official Selection) - Ancona, Italy (October 2016)


The 70 year old "Djado Ivan" lives in Grivitsa, a small bulgarian town close to the romanian border. In close communion with nature and his many animals, he spends his life on his small farm and thereby maintains his very own rhythm of life.
In order to portray his life, Silke Meya (Director) and Laura Mentgen (Director of Photography) spent one month with Ivan in Bulgaria where they were able to capture his philosophy of life.

Cast - Ivan Dimitrov
Director - Silke Meya
Director of Photography - Laura Mentgen
Sounddesign - Gerald Mandl
Color Correction - Marco Nieschka
Music - Swinx





All photography provided by Noumia Film.